Why People Look Down on Fixie Owners

Bike Trails and Tales


Photo Credit: st4rbucks (flickr.com)


A typical scenario goes like this: someone is thinking of buying a bike and when he tells everyone that he’s getting a fixie, he gets discouraged by those same people. Just do a simple search online and you’ll find two camps. There’s one that tells you to go get a fixie and there’s the other that tells you how fixies are bad. Of course there are a few people who are civil in presenting their arguments on whether or not what bike is better, but most of the time there’s just hostilities abound.


Why are fixie owners looked down upon? It’s a bit of a phenomenon really. It starts with how the fixed gear bike is built. It’s a barebones type of bike, where the wheels turn as the pedals turn. This makes it a good bike for working out. It also makes…

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