Bike Rides and Cafés

Collaboration week number three with Nicole Sander takes us on a ride. Enjoy…

shane/nicole collab 3

Although you wouldn’t be able to tell, the sun had blazed the streets with a fiery temper that morning. The bicycle you see in the foreground, started off its day with a journey beginning far away from this busy little café. It had been driven along long empty dirt roads and through the rambling green countryside to a small blue house on the edge of a lake. There, a girl lived who owned a red bicycle. Joining them on their ride they continued on, drinking in the scenery and stopping at one point to lay in a warm grassy field as small yellow butterflies fluttered by. At the end of the day the rain begins and they enter a small café for a bite. Here the bicycle waits pleasantly for his owner, a little happier and shinier…

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