Biking Free

Art & Candy

One of the best ways to feel an incredible sense of freedom is by bike. God help me I love it so. Doesn’t matter where I’m going, just as long as I feel the wind in my face and my legs spinning ‚round. Yesterday, I did my first bike commute to and from work. A couple of weeks prior I swapped out my big, nubby tires on the mountain bike for some skinny slicks to help the ride go a little quicker. I had mapped out my route as well and was totally excited for the trip downhill to the office. I figured a half an hour would suffice for the ride there and left my house around 7:30am. It was a bit chilly in the a.m. (maybe mid-30s) and was glad that I had a pair of thin, stretchy gloves on, two layers up top and tights on the…

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