Yellow Bicycles, York, 10/06/2014.

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Our first yellow bicycle. Our first yellow bicycle.

must confess, I can’t ride a bicycle myself, but I do take an interest in the sport [especially when Team GB have a chance at winning something] and I’ve always got time to admire a bright yellow bicycle chained to a lamppost. Since my last visit it looks like York has been getting ready to mark the beginning of the Grand Depart, the start of the Tour de France, by decorating the place with yellow bicycles and yellow bunting.

Bunting in St. Helen's Square. Bunting in St. Helen’s Square.

These yellow bicycles do draw your attention and I did notice a lot more bicycles around the city [emphasis on the word notice; I have got no evidence that the actual number of bicycles has increased] and I was called up more than once by my companions for pointing out what turned out to be bikes that just happened…

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