Shanks‘ Pony Feels at Home in Venice

Cycling in Venice?

Travel with Intent

If you don’t want to rely on Shanks‘ Pony when in Venice, you need a boat.  There are water buses and water taxis, and gondolas of course, and many Venetians own their own boat

If you had wheels in mind, however, think again.  There are a few concessions to wheelchair users, but they are few and far between.  Anyone relying on a wheelchair or other wheeled assistance will find the place inhospitable, I’m sorry to say.  It is not due to unwillingness on the part of the Venetians, though, it is down to geography.  The streets are often narrow and although it’s a great place for walking, any trip on foot requires passing over a vast number of bridges, the majority of which contain steps.  After leaving the bus station the only wheels I saw in Venice were in this poster.


Once you get out to some of the islands…

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