5 Gedanken zu “Find the difference

  1. Black or white 😉 nice sunday. Yesterday I bought ice cream and I eat one thinking of you 😉 NSMVDAK 🙂 I will answer to your mail but I already sorry for the delay (thanks for the video )

    1. One and two bikes 😉
      I was waiting for my family (they were shopping (omg!)), and I passed the time with ice-cream (limone et melone). It was soooooo delicious!!!!!!
      Suddenly the bikes had changed and really: I stood only 3 meters away and did not remark this. A miracle…
      No problem with the mail. I only wanted to show the real view with this focal length.
      I decided to blog those bikes during copying my photos on my computer. But today it’s hot again and now a
      strawberry cake is waiting for me.
      And when I’m starting my running workout, I know again: it was too much ice cream and too much strawberry cake!

      1. I just come back from urban session, then dragonfly and damselfly session and what I will do??? Ice cream time watching roland Garros finale !! Hugs my dear and take time to digest all this delicious desserts 🙂

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